Be Prepared for Pet Emergencies

If your pet got injured would you be able to administer basic life-saving care that could mean the difference between life and death?

First Aid and CPR training classes are both offered online and in person regularly in most US cities and states and are open to just about anyone. Every pet owner should consider getting this training as another way to safeguard their precious four-legged family members from potential emergencies and dangers.

And for anyone who works with pets in a primarily non-medical role – such as dog walkers and pet-sitters — Pet Lifesaving certification certainly gives you an edge in the pet care marketplace, according to the folks at <>.

Classes are usually offered by veterinarians and vet techs who teach lifesaving techniques geared for cats, dogs and even some exotic pets. The American Red Cross offers pet lifesaving training as part of its Emergency Preparedness programs.

If you want to learn more about such training available in the Bridgeport, Fairfield New Haven and Stamford, CT areas contact your local veterinarian for specifics. You can also contact the American Red Cross for the same information.

And if you have questions of a behavioral nature, especially with regard to canine obedience training, dog aggression, food aggression, potty-training challenges and much more be sure to contact your local Off Leash K9 Training professional. We’re nearby and trained to address a number of canine behavioral challenges. We will custom design a solution for you and Fido that will enhance your relationship for years to come.

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