Caring For Dog Paws

Springing into Spring on Four Healthy Paws; what Upstate New York Dog Owners Need to Know

This time of year spring cleaning, annual check-ups and setting warm weather activity goals here in New York’s Capital District are all on the list of priorities for many pet parents with regard to their four-legged best friends (and perhaps even for themselves).

We’ve already covered in a previous blog the outdoor dangers some blossoming plants here Albany and Rensselaer counties pose to dogs and cats (please insert appropriate link to that story here). But now it’s time to talk about safe and thorough ways to prepare for the upcoming outdoor activities warm weather makes possible.

Perhaps the best way to kick-off a more active time of the year is by getting a physical. Everyone in the family should get an annual check-up and why not make spring the time to do it? For Fido, it’s super important that all vaccinations be up to date before venturing outdoors for hikes, play and extended walks or workouts. 

And it’s equally as important that dogs are protected against heartworm, a potentially fatal disease. Additionally, fleas and ticks are lying in wait on your outdoor adventures. So be sure to protect your pets against those as well. And, yes, both cats and dogs can get Lyme disease! Ask your pet’s veterinarian about vaccinations to protect against Lyme disease, which are currently available for dogs.

Pet-Safe Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning the home and yard is a popular way to prepare for the imminent lazy, hazy, hot days of summer. Before getting underway, take some extra time to make sure cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals are safe for your four-legged family members. Read labels carefully. Those that don’t specifically say pet safe should not be used. Terms such as non-toxic refer only to humans. Even homemade cleaners, including those made with essential oils, may be harmful to pets. Be sure to ask a veterinarian or other pet health expert when in doubt of a product’s safety. Also, be sure to research the products used by cleaning and lawn care service providers before hiring them!

Spring is also a great time to make upgrades to your pet’s leashes, harnesses and toys.

And when the cleaning and preparations are completed and everyone has received a clean bill of health, it’s time to hit the trails. However, just like when we humans start a new health or exercise regimen, it’s best to set easy goals and gradually build momentum so you and your pooch will get the most out of every hike or workout! 

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