How to Choose a Name for Your Pup

Picking the perfect name for your pup is a serious matter but it can also be fun. After all, he or she will have that name for life so it’s important to choose a name that best suits the newest four-legged member of your family.

So, when considering which name will be best keep the following in mind:

  • Choose a name that you like — Make certain that you truly like the sound of it because you’ll be saying it all of the time.
  • Fewer syllables are best — A dog responds best to names that have one or two syllables, such as Max or Emma. More syllables can be confusing to your dog and tongue twisters for you to say repeatedly. Our Saratoga dog trainers stress this each and every day to their clients. Less is best!
  • Give the name a trial run — Try calling your dog by the name you’ve chosen for a few days to see how he or she responds to it. This is also a good opportunity to see if you like it and if it seems suitable for you and your pup!
  • Don’t choose a name that resembles a command — For example, a name like “Fletch” could be confusing for him when your dog is learning to fetch. Our dog trainers can attest to you setting yourself up for disaster here! Imagine how confused both you and your dog would get!
  • Avoid a name that is offensive — Any name that sounds like an expletive, slang or a racial or cultural slur should not be used. No matter how funny it may seem to you at the moment get a second (or third) opinion to see if it could be misconstrued as offensive at the vet’s office or to the general public.

If you adopt an older dog, and decide to rename them, try to pick a name that is similar in sound to the existing name. For example, if your new dog’s name is Marlie and you want to change it why not consider the name Charlie.

It’s also a good idea not to choose a name that is popular at the moment. Names such as Bella, Bailey, Max, Molly, Buddy and Lucy are currently popular. Even the name of your favorite Major League baseball player is likely overused. Avoiding popular names will curb confusion in the future at dog parks, doggy daycares, etc.

Lastly, you might want to choose a name based on your pup’s appearance, such as “Dottie” for a Dalmatian. And a name that describes the opposite of your dog’s appearance can be fun, too, such as “Tiny” for a Mastiff.

Just try to have fun naming your new best friend and don’t get lost in the details. Simple is usually best!

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