Preventing Dog Theft

As many as two million animals are stolen each year and only about 10 percent ever make it back to their homes, according to statistics revealed on Purebred dogs tend to be the most popular among thieves, but all beloved family pets are potential targets. Sometimes, thieves steal pets to sell them to medical laboratories and other times they sell them to people in the market to buy a pet. 

No matter how secure you believe your pet to be they can be stolen from just about anywhere, including the front or back yard, an automobile and even off the street when the owner’s back is turned. Here in the Capital District we have an abundance of green space and rural neighborhoods. Our large backyards are almost like an open invitation for foul play and our four-legged friends rely on us to keep them safe.  

Here are eight ways to prevent your dog from becoming a victim:

1. Monitor Doggie Doors —  These put your pet at risk because once outdoors they become an easy target.

2. Always Lock Your Gate — Even when you are home because it only takes a second for someone to take your dog.

3. Exercise Caution When Your Dog Is Off Leash — A dog thief may be able to lure your dog away with something too hard to resist.

4. Do Background Checks On Pet Sitters — Screen prospective pet sitters by asking to speak with their veterinarian and their references to expose any potential discrepencies. 

5. Don’t Reveal Too Much On Social Media — Avoid posting photos of high-value breeds and your personal information on the Internet to prevent your dog from becoming a thief’s next target.

6. Avoid Sharing Personal Information At The Dog Park — Giving your address to a stranger to schedule a seemingly harmless puppy date could turn into an opportunity for a thief.

7. Microchip Your Pet — Be sure to keep your contact information up to date. If your pet is lost or stolen you can work with the national microchip company to contact all veterinary clinics in your area.

8. Have Your Veterinarian Keep Detailed Records Of Your Pet’s Identifying Characteristics — In the unlikely event your pet’s microchip is removed these records at your pet’s vet could prove your ownership.

You are your best friend’s guardian. Be sure to take every precaution to keep her or him safe from dog thieves!!

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