5 Dog Breeds Not Fit For Kids

Toddlers can be a handful for their parents and if there are pets in the home the situation may be even more complicated — or downright dangerous.
Dogs are good for kids to grow up with because of their  unconditional love and ways they teach responsibility and compassion. However, some breeds are more patient and child-friendly than others.
Before sharing the dog breeds that some canine experts consider to be less kid-friendly than others, I’d like to mention that dog obedience training is key before a human infant or young child arrives on the scene. That’s not to say that these dog behavioral experts don’t know what they are talking about but that professional canine obedience training can go a long way to control any potentially chaotic scenario. (Saratoga Off Leash K9 Training staff have direct experience with this fact).
Dog breeds best to avoid for families with children include the Chihuahua, Rottweiler, Chow Chow, Pit Bull and Dalmatian, according to parent24.com. Read full article here: https://www.parent24.com/Child_7-12/Development/health_safety/Bad-dogs-for-kids-20120124 .
1. Chihuahua — Belonging to the Toy Breed, these feisty little enigmas can be aggressive around young children. However, if their training begins when they are mere puppies, they may pose less of a danger.
2. Rottweiler — Is a powerful breed which is reportedly responsible for the second highest rate of human fatalities by dog attack. Rottweilers require extensive training and handling.
3. Chow Chow — Can be highly temperamental and bullying. May snap at “stray hands.”
4. Pit Bull — Sadly, because this breed is bred is for aggression they are considered a threat to anyone who can’t demonstrate control, such as a young child.
5. Dalmatian — This breed is jumpy and nervous, prone to deafness which can exacerbate its anxious disposition. Dalmatians thrive best in calm environments and require lots of exercise.
The folks at insidepetsworld,com further identify the Australian Shepherd, Bullmastiff, Alaskan Malamute and Greyhound as dogs that are not necessarily young kid-friendly.
Conversely, The American Kennel Club identifies a handful of dogs as being kid-friendly. That list includes the Alaskan Malamute (contradicting parent24.com’s list), Australian Terrier, Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Beagle, Beauceron, Bernese Mountain Dog, Border Terrier, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Boykin Spaniel, Bracco Italiano. Read more about these breeds at
The AKC mentions that as important as it is to get professional canine obedience training for whichever dog you choose to live with your family, it’s also important to train your children how to behave around these pets.
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