5 Healthy Habits Our Dogs Can Teach Us

Ever given any thought to our stressful lifestyles and how much different things seem to be for our pets?
Fido and Felix have a way of living in the moment that we humans should emulate. In fact, our fast-paced routines lead to anxiety and stress and health experts warn us to find ways to relax.
We should look to our four-legged friends for ways to develop some healthy habits, say the pet health experts at insidepetsworld.com.
Here are their five recommendations of which behaviors to mirror:
1. Avoid Multitasking — Consider the way a dog engrosses himself in one task at a time, such as eating. While he/she is enjoying a meal nothing can distract them. So the stress of multitasking is lost on them!
2. Stretching — Dogs often stretch several times a day. This is another good habit to adopt from our canine friends as it leads to muscle elasticity and healthy joints. Stretching your muscles for 15 to 30 seconds once or twice a day will keep you more limber. And seeing your dog engage in stretches will remind you to do the same!
3. Having a Positive Attitude — There are health benefits to having a positive mental attitude and it’s hard to remain glum around a happy pooch. Studies have shown that 20 minutes of laughter a day improves memory and reduces the levels of stress hormones in the human body. When your dog wags his tail and reminds you of the lighter, happier side of life it will actually benefit your health!
4. Napping — Dogs and cats love to nap. For them it is an important part of their health regimen along with exercise and play. Surprisingly, there are studies that link the benefits to humans of a few minutes of deep sleep during the day; improvement in memory and reactivation of the right side of the brain which aids in excelling at creative tasks and better problem-solving abilities.
5. Accepting Imperfections — Our pets love us regardless of our imperfections. Their love for us is unconditional and isn’t influenced by our looks, social standing or intelligence. They accept us as we are. Learning to love ourselves inspite of our imperfections, as our pets do, is a healthy lesson and may lead to a happier and healthier life!
Pure joy and unconditional love come naturally to our four-legged friends. Imagine how much better (and healthier) our lives are because of them!
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