5 Ways To Fight Dog Boredom

As pet parents we know that a bored dog often gets into all kinds of trouble. Everything from a shredded pillow to a toppled Christmas tree (that the cat frames on the dog) to mostly eaten footwear. The very worst case scenario for a bored pooch is an unintended injury or consumption of something that causes them serious harm.
So it’s our job to keep them busy or so well exercised that they don’t go looking for trouble.
Here are five ideas of just how to do that from the pet experts at insidepetsworld.com:
1. More Exercise — Destructive behavior can often be eliminated through physical exercise. There’s nothing better than an exercise routine that leaves your pooch spent. A tired dog isn’t likely to go looking for trouble. It’s okay to step up their exercise regimen but you may want to consult with her/his veterinarian to keep it safe. Consider something as simple as adding some additional walks through the neighborhood and increasing their fun backyard games with you.
2. Challenging Toys — Toys are a great way to keep your pooch engaged and entertained. Puzzle toys will make him exercise his brain as well as his body. Toys that reward your pup with treats are a popular idea. He’ll have to work to get the toy to dispense the treat. And if your dog likes to chew, a bone may be the right choice. However, some bones can be dangerous so ask your vet to help you choose the right chew toy/bone.
3. Introduce or Step Up Dog Training — When dogs are engaged in training exercises they don’t even notice how much energy they expend. Dogs are eager to please and love to be rewarded for their effort. They also benefit from regular training in a number of ways; they learn new behaviors, get to bond more with their owners and increase their daily physical activity. Consider daily training sessions that are brief and packed with fun!
4. Doggy Play Dates — Dogs thrive on socialization. Offering your pooch a playmate will stave off boredom and loneliness. Take your pooch to a local dog park if you don’t have enough dog-friendly pals or neighbors to introduce him to. Be sure his prospective playmates are vaccinated!
5. Doggy Daycare — As already discussed, boredom can stem from loneliness. If your pooch routinely causes mass destruction in your home while you’re at work it’s time to consider doggy daycare, a pet sitter or a dog walker. Knowing your pooch is safe and entertained while you are otherwise occupied is priceless. Do some online research to find the perfect solution for you and your pup. If you work long hours doggy daycare may be the best and most flexible fit. Doggy Daycare businesses offer accommodating schedules and staff who understand dog-speak and canine antics.
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