How Often Should You Bathe Your Pooch

Bathing a dog is just has challenging as bathing a toddler. I recall many bath times with my daughter when she was two or three years old accompanied by her screams and my frustration. In hindsight, I should have worn ear plugs and worn a bathing suit.

That being said, many a pet parent can attest to similarly difficult bathing times with their pooch.

So just how often should you subject your canine pal to a bath? In fact, bathing them too often can actually cause them harm.

Pet health experts recommend the following guidelines:

1. Every 2 weeks to several months — The consensus among veterinarians and pet behaviorists, according to the folks at insidepetsworld, is that the average dog requires bathing infrequently. Exceptions include outdoor play or activity that gets them dirty or if they live in something other than a sanitary environment.

2. Over-bathing can lead to disease — Even if your pooch enjoys baths you should avoid bathing them excessively. For instance, a bath once a week can leave them susceptible to disease. Over-bathing them can damage their skin and coat, stripping it of essential.

3. Outdoor dogs require less bathing — Research actually supports the premise that dogs who spend their lives outdoors rarely need to bathe, said Veterinarian Mark D. Freeman. However, it’s important to bathe them once every two months and use it as an opportunity to check them for any skin or body changes that ,ay need attention.

4. Dogs who hate baths can be placated with treats and bath toys — For dogs who absolutely despise getting into the water can be turned around with positive reward strategy, such as treats. During their bath whenever they display good behavior reward them with a tasty treat. Bath toys, belly rubs and ear scratches may also go a long way to change their minds about bath time.

5. Soapless shampoos are best — When washing your pooch, veterinarians recommend using shampoos that don’t contain soap or detergent. These products can dry and irritate your pet’s skin. If you must use a soap product be sure to thoroughly rinse it out of their coat. Using lukewarm water is recommended. For more information, consult with your dog’s vet for the best product(s) to use and bathing frequency.

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