7 Lazy Dog Breeds

Top Couch Potato Canine Breeds Identified

Are you dreaming of adopting the most laid back of canine companions? Well here is a list from www.insidepetsworld.com of the top mellow breeds for your consideration:
1. Newfoundland Dog — Has been characterized as a large teddy bear; a gentle giant boasting a lovable, sweet, kind personality. This breed requires socialization training and a spacious home environment. Positive encouragement may be needed to get this particular breed to exercise.
2. Bassett Hound — Calm and lazy at home yet loyal, pleasant and friendly. This breed is said to be laid back and mild-mannered with an agreeable temperament. Due to its pack-dog mentality, the Bassett Hound loves to be close to family. House training may be challenging but positive training methods and food rewards will help.
3. Saint Bernard — A drooling, shedding giant that is gentle, intelligent and good-natured. Boasting origins in the Alps as a rescue dog, the Saint Bernard surprisingly requires not much more in the way of exercise than a daily walk. Because the breed thrives in colder climates it’s important to keep it cool and hydrated in hotter ones.
4.  Chow Chow — This breed’s Chinese roots and fluffy lion-like appearance is hard to mistake for any other breed! It boasts a gentle and even-tempered manner. Socialization at a very young age is very important because of the Chow Chow’s territorial nature. Believe it or not, the Chow needs only about 15 minutes a day!! This true couch potato prefers to stay indoors and does not do well in hot climates.
5. Shih Tzu — Family-friendly, the Shih Tzu is affectionate, loyal and at home in a large house or small apartment. They get along with children and just about any other pet but need training and socialization to ensure as much.
6. French Bulldog — Boasting a calm demeanor and love of family, this couch potato prefers to lounge with loved ones over other more strenuous activities. Their coat is easy to groom and their sharp mind lends itself well to training. These miniature canines are said to be the most documented breed in the US and enjoy a long history as companion dogs. Yet they are more than just a cute face. This diminutive breed will defend its family from potential threats!
7. Great Dane — A large working class canine, they are brave and great defenders of their family. This breed is loving and gentle with children and a peaceful soul to have in the home. The Great Dane  is obedient with proper training and socialization. They are considered lazy but enjoy physical activity and mental stimulation.
Couch potatoes though they are, every dog is an individual and can benefit from professional obedience training! Consult Albany Off Leash K9 Training, with  locations throughout Upstate New York’s Capital District.
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