Are Dog Bones Safe For Your Dog?

Giving our four-legged best friends bones to cherish and chew is sort of second nature for most pet parents. Speaking for myself, I only give my dog those flavored Nyla type versions because I am afraid of the choking hazard real bones could present. And I completely avoid rawhide of all kinds.
But what do the pet experts have to say about my paranoia; am I wrong to avoid real bones as dog treats?
Potential Dental Challenges — While chewing on a bone may promote a sense of well being in your dog, prolonged and excessive chewing on hard bones may cause dental issues, ultimately making it hard for her/him to eat, bite and chew, according to pet experts at .
Bones to Absolutely Avoid — Chicken and pork bones are extremely dangerous and should never be given to your dog because they are sharp and can leave fragments or shards in the intestines, causing harm to your dog’s digestive system.
Gagging Potential — Additionally, more enthusiastic eaters can consume their bones in large pieces, which can cause intestinal issues and/or acid reflux disease.
So What’s Safe? — The pet experts at further recommend larger bones and preferably dairy cattle bones rather than marrow bones to avoid the chance of choking or getting stuck in your pup’s mouth. And nylon bones are a good alternative because they have no sharp edges and won’t fragment no matter how hard Fido bites.
Avoiding rawhide bones and pig ears is advised for not only the choking hazard they pose but also for their potential to cause digestive distress. Flavor additives on these treats are also not good for your dog.
Some veterinarians recommend “bones” on the market that tout plaque-fighting properties. However, there is some evidence that “green bones” may have caused fatal intestinal damage to some dogs, so it’s always best to consult with your dog’s veterinarian for specific recommendations for your pooch!
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