Are You Fit To Be A Dog Owner?

Each year as many as 6.5 million companion animals end up at shelters throughout the US. Not all are surrendered by their owners but that group is part of the equation, according to the ASPCA.
Not everyone who takes on the responsibility of a puppy or a dog can live up to it. Dogs require lots of care, love and can strain a pet parent’s finances, if not properly budgeted for. Impulse adoption, as it’s referred to, has become something of an epidemic, say some pet experts.
Types of people who probably shouldn’t become dog parents, according to pet experts at They are:
1. People Who Don’t Do Enough Research — It’s important to educate yourself on all there is to know about owning a puppy or a dog. Learning about their nutritional needs, their ideal environment and how to keep them happy and healthy are important are just a few considerations.
2. People Who Can’t Afford the Related Expense — Dog food, pet insurance, dog obedience training, doggy daycare, veterinarians and dog apparel and accessories are all costs of dog ownership. Puppies require even more care. New dog pet parents who haven’t done research ahead of time can become overwhelmed emotionally as well as financially. Often times, people abandon their dog due to financial concerns.
3. People Who Disregard Canine Obedience Training — A dog will not automatically adjust to its new lifestyle. Puppies especially need basic obedience training to help them understand boundaries and acclimate to their new home. This is true for all dogs who are being introduced to a new home. Seeking the expertise of a professional dog trainer is the best way to ensure you puppy or dog will understand basic commands and will likewise teach a pet parent how to communicate with their four-legged canine charge.
4. People Who Try To Fit A Big Dog In A Small Apartment — Large dogs require extra space in order to be comfortable. Without enough space to move around and run they can suffer from physical and mental health issues.
5. People Who Can’t Accommodate A Dog’s Active Lifestyle — Some dog breeds require more exercise than others. For instance, Jack Russel Terriers, Labrador retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and others breeds are extremely active. If prospective pet parents don’t themselves participate in an active lifestyle they should avoid adopting these breeds and be sure to do adequate research before adopting a dog. However, all dogs, no matter how active the breed, require regular walks and play time.
6. People Who Could Be Allergic To Dogs — Adults and children who are not sure they have allergies to dogs should spend time with dogs before adopting one. And adults and children who suffer from allergies in general should do the same before adopting a dog.
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