Are You Taking the Fun out of Your Dog’s Walk?

Clifton Park dog parents may be unwittingly taking the joy out of their pups’ daily walks!
Let’s face it, walks are more than likely something your pooch looks forward to with enthusiasm on a daily basis. After all, he or she often gets to socialize on a walk as well as to enjoy sniffing out a plethora of tantalizing odors. For a dog, giving his nose a smorgasbord of smells is probably the equivalent of offering a human a delicious assortment of chocolates or perfumes.
So whether you treat your pooch to a long daily trek along Juniper Drive, Silver Maple Drive, Tamarack Lane or Eldorado Drive, just to mention a few scenic Clifton Park paths near Barney Road Golf Course, here are a few things you can avoid doing to preserve the fun factor for Fido:
1. Do Not Hurry A Potty Break — During your walk your pup stops suddenly and begins to sniff frantically while preparing to pee or poop. It’s important not to rush the process, according to The American Kennel Club. Choosing where to go to the bathroom is a very important canine decision. In fact, peeing in particular is a form of communication with other pups and a way to mark his presence.
2. Don’t Discourage Nose Adventures —  Dogs noses are so sophisticated that they can distinguish exponentially more scents than humans. According to experts on the subject at, our canine companions have as many as 300 million scent receptors compared to the six million scent receptors of their human counterparts. So our pooches are able to detect billions of odors that we can’t. However, if their nose adventures threaten to ruin your walks consider dog obedience training as a way to reign them in. Albany, Saratoga and Clifton Park Off Leash K9 Training experts can help keep your pooch focused on you!
3. Avoid Pulling on the Leash — Because dogs walk at a faster pace than their handlers many folks resort to leash-pulling to slow their pup down. This is  not a solution to the problem and can even hurt your dog’s throat if he or she is smaller breed. The best solution to this challenge is, again, expert canine obedience training. Training your dog to walk by your side can transform an annoying or frustrating outing to an enjoyable one for all. Just remember to demonstrate some patience on your part so your pooch gets adequate time to unleash his nose!
4. Don’t Allow Unsafe Greetings — Dog obedience training again can make greeting other dogs, friends and strangers on your walk a pleasant experience rather than a chaotic one. Some dog breeds love stopping to greet anyone and everyone they come in contact while other breeds prefer no distractions. Some dog behavior experts suggest training your pup to sit before you initiate or receive a greeting from passersby. Canine obedience training puts the handler in control of any interaction.
5. Don’t Use the Wrong Walking Gear — Dogs that like to pull or that have breathing  issues should be fitted with a harness rather than a regular leash. Too much pulling on a leash can actually collapse a dog’s trachea! Again, proper dog obedience training cannot be stressed enough as a solution or preventive step but if you are in doubt about whether your pup would do better in a harness or a leash consult his veterinarian.
6. Don’t Walk the Same Route Every Day — It is best to change things up to keep your pooch’s walk interesting. Consider how monotonous it is for you when you drive the same routes to work every day. Your dog will better enjoy a walk if you give him a variety of sights and scents by regularly switching walk locations.
By avoiding some of these walk-hampering no-nos you can ensure Fido will enjoy his daily outings with you and strengthen the canine-human bond you already enjoy!
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