Can Astrology Help You Find Your Next Canine Companion?

Whether you’re an Aries, Gemini or one of the remaining 10 signs of the Zodiac you probably have read up on the characteristics that reportedly make you who you are. You may agree or disagree, but likely have fun with the concept.
Now how about the notion of choosing your next pooch based on which one the stars choose for you? Let’s have fun with that idea for a few minutes and see where it takes us!
Here is a Zodiac canine-human match rundown courtesy of
1. Aquarius — Honest, loyal, calm and shy would pair well with a Chihuahua! A miniature cutie who doesn’t require excessive exercise and can be mellow and laid back. They’ll add a great dimension to the humanitarian nature of Aquarius. Just shower these pooches with lots of love and watch them glow!!
2. Capricorn — Hardworking, loyal and kind-hearted and the perfect match for a Golden Retriever. This breed is known for its playful, kind and calm temperament.
3. Aries — These folks are energetic and known for leading an active lifestyle. Their cheerful and lively soul makes them the perfect match with a Boxer, who embodies similar traits!
4. Taurus — Strong, credible and reliable, fond of working hard and reaping the rewards of their hard work. The sheepdog is a good match for Taurus because it is a dutiful and hardworking breed.
5. Leo — Confident Leo is known for its leadership characteristics and sunny disposition. But sometimes dominant, which can put off others. A German Shepherd is powerful and confident and the best match for Leo!
6. Scorpio — Extremely loyal and passionate but can be controlling and jealous. A Jack Russell’s bark is louder than its bite and its playful nature will likely subdue a Scorpion companion.
7. Sagittarius — Lovers of freedom, friendship and the great outdoors. These folks pair well with a Cocker Spaniel thanks to its activeness, cheerrfulness and impatience.
8. Libra — Gracious with a loving nature and often beautiful countenance. The Maltese is probably the best match for Libra due to its  well-groomed beauty and compact size.
9. Virgo — Intelligent, organized and intuitive. The Labrador is the pick for Virgo folks because they are clever, loving  and make great guide dogs thanks to their innate organizational skills.
10. Cancer — Fond of family time, time spent with friends, colleagues and relatives. The Basset Hound enjoys sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. And they love kids!
11. Gemini — Gemini folks are curious, loving and cerebral. The Shih Tzu is the astrological pick for Gemini due to its sweet and loving nature and affinity for games and puzzles. (Not really, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention). But do try a puzzle toy with this breed because they will enjoy it!
12. Pisces — Friendly, compassionate and always ready to help anyone in need. Their cosmic canine companion is the Bulldog! This breed is friendly, gentle and loves sharing the couch and relaxing with their two-legged companion!
After reviewing these suggestions you are free to choose another breed, if you are drawn to it. Just do some preliminary research and then go out and adopt your doggy soulmate!
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