Challenging Breeds First-Time Pet Parents Should Avoid

Some dog breeds are tougher than others to manage and train than others, especially for the unseasoned dog owner. For the following breeds, obedience training is as imperative for the pup as for their human pet parent.
The experts at identify the following six dog breeds as the less than ideal choice for first-time dog owners:
1. American Pit Bull Terrier — Although Pit Bulls are not the evil dogs they have been unfairly characterized as due to their history in dog fighting rings, this breed is not an ideal fit for the inexperienced dog owner. Though loyal and devoted, if mistreated or untrained, Pit Bulls can be very difficult to handle.
2. Bulldog — Who can resist their adorable wrinkled face? Yet Bulldogs can be destructive and very difficult to train. This breed is known to be sensitive to heat, hot weather, exercise and stress and can’t swim. Summer vacations will likely be a challenge with her or him in tow. The Bulldog is also susceptible to disease and health issues.
3. Bullmastiff — Best as the only pet in the household, this breed has a mind of its own and requires continuous and proper training from a very young age in order to adapt to family life. They are known to be devoted and protective of their owners and will risk their lives to keep their families safe. Their adult weight is between 100-130 pounds so without proper training they can easily overwhelm their owner.
4. German Shepherd — Considered one of the most intelligent of dog breeds, German Shepherds are highly active and can perform a wide variety of tasks. Such characteristics make this breed ideal for police or military work as well as guide dog services. Obedience training is critically important for German Shepherds. Health-wise, they are at higher risk of some health issues such as dysplasia.
5. Rottweiler — Strong-willed and weighing in at 135 pounds this breed can be aggressive or destructive without proper training. The Rottweiler can be gentle and affectionate but needs an experienced owner who is not afraid to stand up to it when it wants to exert its will.
6. Chow Chow — Resembling a teddy bear, this breed is not known for being outgoing, social or friendly to strangers and other dogs. Chow Chows are intelligent, stubborn and can be aggressive with other pets. Originally bred for hunting and cart-pulling and to be guardians. They are wildly protective and require extensive training.
You may have noticed the repeated reference to the importance of obedience training for each of these breeds. It goes without saying that obedience training is the best way to ensure a happy future for pet and pet parents of even dogs that aren’t considered aggressive breeds. Dogs do best when they know what is expected of them and when they have set routines.
For more information consult with a veterinarian and consider calling your local Albany, Delmar, Clifton Park, Troy Saratoga area Off Leash K9 Training experts who are nearby. They are a great resource for tackling all sorts of canine behavioral issues and a must for the dogs of first-time owners!
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