Common Mistakes We Make With Dogs

Experts agree that in our haste to give our pooches a happy home we make some common mistakes that actually make things tougher for them.
For instance, most of us know how important it is to walk them regularly and to show them as much affection as they return. But how many of us actually did research ahead of time before we chose our new best friend?
1. That is one of the three most common mistakes prospective pooch parents make, according to veterinarians who were asked. The reason it’s so important to do research beforehand is because there is a variety of dog breeds to consider. And by discovering which breeds best fit your lifestyle you are laying the foundation for an easier transition and happier pup! You should aways start your search for the perfect pooch at a local rescue or shelter. There are so many displaced pets there waiting for forever homes. Additionally, staff at these places are there to help you make the right choice.
2. Many pet parents wait to start socializing their pups. Puppies should be socialized as early as possible, according to Dr. Gary Richter and The reason for this is because prior to 14 weeks of age puppies are most open to new experiences. After that time they may be more fearful or anxious about learning new things. Be sure to socialize them in a safe environment such as puppy classes, fenced in yards or within the home. Albany Off Leash K9 Training offers professional puppy classes for pets in Albany, East Greenbush, Rensselaer, Clifton Park, Saratoga and beyond.
3. Diet is as important for our four-legged best friends as it is for us. Canned food and kibble aren’t 100-percent meat based, which is the best food for a dog, according to Richter. Preservatives and artificial fillers can actually be harmful to our pets. Carbs, corn, wheat and metal should be avoided, he said. Cooking for our pets is the best choice but many of us simply don’t have the time. Overfeeding them can lead to obesity and arthritis, among other serious health issues. So Richter recommends consulting with your dog’s vet for advice about her/his dietary needs and how best to meet therm.
Everyone makes mistakes. But by following some basic guidelines you can offer your pooch a lifetime of wagging tails!
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