Could Your Pooch Be the Next ‘Pupcasso?’

We’ve heard about exotic animals turned artists that cover a canvass with their signature brush strokes. Well, have you ever considered how your Clifton Park pooch would fare with a paint brush in his mouth?
Believe it or not, there are already pups out there who have claimed celebrity doing just that. For instance, a
Labrador retriever from Long Island known as Dog Vinci (alias Dagger II) is just one such canine artist. See his video and story here at
And then there’s Sammy the Painting Dog, courtesy of, whose YouTube video is so captivating that it has me contemplating a similar career for my own pup.
A number of the dogs I read about online who have found their artistic side are also altruists whose artwork raises funds for worthy causes.
How can you tell if your pooch may be a budding “pupcaso”?
1. Does your dog stare at the paintings in your home?
2. Does your dog show interest in paint brushes or other art supplies?
3. Does your dog seem to create images on unlikely surfaces?
4. Has your pooch ever dappled in fingerprints with your children?
If your own pooch seems to have the temperament of a budding canine artist be sure to keep his process safe. Introduce him to his craft with non-toxic paint and canvass and a human nearby to monitor his progress every step of the way. After all, you wouldn’t want to have to view his masterpiece through an X-Ray lens. 
Consult with your pet’s veterinarian before stocking up on art supplies to make sure what your pet uses is absolutely pet-safe.
And if your pooch’s manners could use some “brushing up” contact your Albany/Saratoga Off Leash K-9 Training professional. We have the expertise to address and resolve behavioral issues that prevent you and your pet from enjoying the best quality of life. We specialize in obedience, dog aggression, food aggression, potty training and much more!   
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