Dangerous Toys To Keep Away From Your Pet

As pet parents we take the business of keeping our pups safe from danger very seriously. That’s why it so important to regularly educate ourselves about items on the market that pose potential hazards for our beloved four-legged friends.
The folks at insidepetsworld.com compiled a list of 5 toys or types of toys not to buy for Fido:
1. Latex Toys/Products — Just like us, our pooches can develop an allergy to latex. Many dog toys are made of latex and if a pup with a latex allergy comes in contact with one may develop a rash and experience hair loss. Be sure to read labels on all toys or products for your dog before you purchase them or consider conducting online research ahead of time.
2. Nylabone Plaque Attackers — This is the brand of toy that was specifically designed to help prevent canine dental disease and promote gum health. However, sadly, they have been shown to break into sharp pieces that can be ingested and may cause fatal intestinal perforations.
3. Stuffed Animals — Walk through a pet store or the pet aisle in a department store and you’ll see shelves filled with adorable stuffed animals. But stuffed animals may not be safe for a pooch, who is inevitably going to chew it apart and possibly eat it. Stuffed animals designed for pets should have fill different from the stuffed animals we buy for our human children.That’s because pooches can choke on Poly-Fil or suffer from intestinal distress if they swallow it. Be sure to read the toy’s label for description of its content, or look it up online before giving it to your dog.
4. Squeaky Toys — Again, there are so many adorable toys that squeak on the market that it’s almost impossible not to find them on your shopping travels. But these, too, can pose a health risk to a pooch. The squeaking device can be a choking hazard. Dogs will chew these toys apart and easily uncover the squeaker. You can remove it before giving the toy to them. However, if you absolutely don’t want to deprive your pup of this kind of toy be sure to supervise her/his play time.
5. Vinyl Toys With Phthalate — The strong smell emitted from many vinyl toys is likely due to phthalate, a harmful compound that can be deadly if swallowed. Chewing, breathing and swallowing a toy with phthalates allows the toxic compound to infiltrate the bloodstream, leading to severe damage to the liver and kidneys and may even be fatal. Avoid these toys at all costs!
You may feel overwhelmed after reading these warnings and feel as if there are no safe toys on the market for your pooch. Your dog’s veterinarian can easily advise you of which ones to choose or avoid. Be sure to consult with her/his vet for further advice.
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