Does my Dog Have Feelings?

Many people wonder if their dog has feelings or emotions. Dogs, like humans, can experience emotions and feelings, more or less intensely, in the same way as humans do.

Numerous scientific studies have been carried out verifying these data, not only in dogs but in many other animals. Dogs are very expressive and have always imagined or suspected that they can feel love, sadness or fear among so many.

Feelings and emotions in dogs: Love and happiness

There is no clearer example than when we arrived home after a few hours away, and our puppy welcomes us with all his love and joy. At that moment his brain gives off the same sensations that we get when we are in love, its fills with happiness, joy, and love at the same time.

The love of dogs is unconditional, dogs do not question why they want someone or condition, simply have the ability to love, and love. His love is completely sincere, pure, and much more intense than that of humans as strange as it may seem.

We all know how to interpret when our dog is happy, come to seek caresses, lick us, and play with us, move his tail; an endless number of signs and gestures that in the language that dogs use to communicate, means that they love us.

We must understand that we are his family, his parents, his brothers, his commander. Treat them properly, educate them, feed them, care for them and pamper them is what creates a great bond between your dog and you, the origin of love.

 Feelings and emotions in dogs: Fear, sadness, and guilt

Now that you think about it carefully, you realize that, in fact, your dog has sometimes been afraid, sad or guilty, right? It is completely normal, just like humans, dogs go through all the emotional phases, experiencing and expressing them.

When a dog is afraid he quickly puts his tail between his legs and throws his ears back; are obvious signs, a way to communicate with the dog, to indicate that he is scared.

When we quarrel with our dog, for example by peeing on the bed, we can observe in his eyes and in his expressive gestures (ears, tail, eyes) how he is ashamed and feels bad. The feeling of guilt that exists in dogs is clearly noticeable and is usually accompanied by the feeling of sadness.

 Feelings and emotions in dogs: Pain and jealousy

We all know that dogs are much harder than humans when it comes to resisting physical pain, a freshly neutered dog barely needs a couple of days to want to run or play with his doggy friends.

However, emotional pain is different; they may feel hurt on certain occasions, such as when they are abandoned, how when we hit them, we scold them for no reason, etc. Remember that you should never, under any circumstances, do anything of the above to your dog, only cowards and bad people abandon or beat their dogs.

Jealousy is a very present emotion in dogs, it is not positive to stimulate jealousy because they can lead to uncomfortable situations. When a baby comes home, and we give the baby all the attention in the world, our dog can be jealous. When a new puppy comes home, and we spoil him more than our dog, he can also feel jealous.

The best way to avoid jealousy is to keep the same intensity of care, attention to our dog. Do not leave him aside for the arrival of a baby or new dog, make him participate in the new family expansion and continue to spoil him as always.

Dogs have feelings and emotions, just as you do. But his brain is not as evolved as yours, he does not wonder why he loves you, he simply loves you and period.

Dogs are incredibly emotional animals, for them you are their family. Do not let them down.

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