As the holidays approach, your never-ending task list seems to be multiplying faster than Santa’s reindeer. But amidst all the chaos, don’t forget to make room for a little doggy discipline. This year, make dog training a top priority on your pre-holiday wish list. While the winter festivities bring joy and excitement to humans, let’s not leave our furry friends out in the cold. Here are three compelling reasons why you should seriously consider investing in dog training before the holiday madness sets in:

Safety Concerns with Jumping

When you conjure up images of the festive season, you’re probably envisioning shimmering lights, swanky decorations, and a glistening Christmas tree. But for those dogs who love to leap, this can spell disaster, with toppled trees and shattered ornaments. To avert a calamity of holiday proportions, and potentially an injured four-legged friend, you can utilize basic obedience commands such as “off” and “sit” to ensure your dog’s safety and protect your precious decorations. Our team of dog trainers will craftily guide your furry companion, teaching them these commands and instilling obedience well before the most joyful time of the year arrives.

Overly-Excited and Hyper Pups

‘Tis the season for chaos and commotion, as we welcome guests and indulge in holiday festivities. It’s crucial that your fur baby feels at ease amidst the multitude of visitors swarming in and out of your humble abode. While some pups may radiate unbridled friendliness, there may arise a pesky problem of them pouncing upon company or excitedly sprinting throughout the house. Thus, it is of utmost importance that your precious pooch comprehends vital commands such as “sit,” “down” and “off” to curb their exuberant behavior, particularly when the mail man adorns your doorstep with a bundle of festive packages!

Holiday Food, Begging, and Counter-Surfing

Ah, the holidays – a time of delectable sweet treats like gingerbread cookies and homemade pies, and meticulously crafted feasts for your festive gatherings.  The absolute worst scenario imaginable is if your furry companion decides to play a game of footsie with your guests under the table, desperately waiting for a delectable morsel to fall from the sky. Even worse, what if they go all out and start begging for a slice of that turkey you painstakingly prepared for your family’s legendary annual banquet? We get it, it’s hard to say no to your adorable pet, but remember that your unsuspecting guests may not know the ins and outs of what your dog can consume. It’s important to set boundaries in instances like these to avoid situations that may need a trip to the vet or emergency vet.

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays – Obedience Training

The festivities of the holiday season present particular considerations when it comes to the training and upkeep of dogs, particularly if your furry friend has recently graduated from the puppy stage. The various social gatherings and revelries during this time can potentially bewilder or agitate your dog if they have not been adequately trained to interact with people. Consequently, we have formulated this comprehensive manual to assist you in training your pet, ensuring that both you and your four-legged companion are well-prepared for the frenzied activity of the holiday season.

1. Start with “Place”

The last thing you want is for your adorable pup to jump all over the guests at your upcoming party. You definitely don’t want your dog to get hurt with all the hustle and bustle that’s about to go down at your place. So it’s super important to teach them to stick to certain areas for their own safety and the convenience of your visitors.  You can achieve the “place” command by using a mat on which you can teach them to remain during your event. You can provide them with a lengthy chew, like a frozen carrot in broth, to ensure they have a comfortable evening. You can start this training by performing simple activities such as household chores, having meals, and attending small gatherings.

2. Greeting Manners

Dogs who enjoy being around others would greatly benefit from learning how to politely greet guests. After all, it wouldn’t be ideal for your pet to jump and drool on every visitor. Teaching them the proper way to welcome new individuals may help create a more comfortable atmosphere for these guests during your gatherings. Dogs that exhibit more fearfulness towards others can also observe a significant enhancement in their conduct through appropriate socialization instruction. This can educate them to become less intimidated by individuals, decreasing the likelihood of anxiety and potentially aggressive behaviors.

3. Doorbells and Knocking

An essential aspect of dog training involves instructing your pet to react appropriately to stimuli, rather than refraining from any response. The doorbell, for instance, instills both anxiety and excitement in numerous dogs. Simply the sound of it can lead a dog to bark and dash around. An effective approach is to educate them on a different interpretation of the meaning. An example of how this has been accomplished is by utilizing the Party Trick. This entails training your dog to react to the sound of the doorbell by going into a separate area. One way to accomplish this is by pressing the doorbell, yelling “Party in the bedroom!” and dashing enthusiastically into the bedroom accompanied by your canine companion. In that location, you might have some delectable snacks prepared ahead of time. By teaching this conduct to your animal, you can effectively prevent them from interacting with visitors until they feel prepared.

Off Leash K9 Training

Having a dog in your household brings immense joy and elation, and the holiday season should be a happy and festive time spent with loved ones, including our faithful four-legged companions! It is crucial for your furry friend to identify the distinction between remaining seated and staying still, versus the moments when they can jump and engage in play. Moreover, it is advantageous for your canine companion to be acknowledged and rewarded whenever they follow your instructions and behave accordingly. Enroll your dog in our Basic Obedience Lesson Programs or a Two Week Board and Train Program at Off Leash K9 Training in Albany, New York and Saratoga, New York prior to the chaos of the holidays, and remember to stuff your pup’s stocking with an abundance of treats that are suitable for dogs!

Training a dog requires commitment and tolerance; however, the rewards are definitely worth it. In the end, a properly trained dog tends to be a more content canine. They will exhibit better behaviors and habits that can positively impact their overall health. Moreover, training can help them navigate the hectic holiday season with minimal anxiety and stress.

If you do find that you need help in dog training, however, give us a call at Off Leash K9 Training. We are a Capital District based business that offers private one on one lesson programs, One, Two, and Three Week Board & Train Programs, Dog Aggression Training, and so much more.

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