Five Reasons Your Dog Needs Physical Activity

Many of us know how much love and joy our canine friends bring to us unconditionally. In fact, a pet can curb anxiety and depression in its owners simply by sharing its life with them.
But how many of us realize the necessity of providing our canine friends with regular exercise? Experts purport that it is vital for well being and health of our four-legged friends.
Here are five reasons this is so from the experts at
1. Fitness is important to the good health of our pooches, (and for us as well). It enhances their agility and activeness and helps them preserve energy and natural balance. Fitness likewise staves off diabetes, joint problems and even cancer. A well-balanced diet and a regular pet workout are topics to ask your pet’s veterinarian about.
2. Lots of sun and fresh air is healthy! Thirty to 40 minutes daily exposure to the sun allows your pooch (and you) to absorb adequate levels of Vitamin D, which humans and canines cannot produce on their own. Healthy skin and a healthy coat rely on Vitamin D and fosters healthy development and bone growth. Additionally, benefits of the sun include the elimination of bacteria and fungi, faster healing, regulation of a normal sleep-wake cycle.
3. Regular outdoor activity stimulates production of endorphins (serotonin and dopamine), helping to regulate mood swings. There are studies that have found that dogs, like humans, are negatively affected by lack of sunlight or Seasonal Affective Disorder — a type of depression that is sensitive to the changing seasons, often starting in late fall and ending during spring and summer.
4. Socializing your dog through activity and exercise. Offering your dog new encounters with other dogs will improve its social skills and decrease its fear and anxiety. Going outdoors to exercise allows your pooch to discover new things, meet new dogs and people. The experience overall will make it easier for your dog to easily adapt to new situations and environments.
5. A good way to improve training. A dog that is easily distracted most definitely needs, and will greatly benefit from, exercise. We at Saratoga Off Leash K9 Training know this too well! Your dog will be more receptive to learning new moves and behaviors during daily walks or exercise routines! Give us a call if you’d like to hear more of our recommendations.
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