Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween Pet Costume Guidelines

Dressing up for Halloween is the most exciting part of the holiday for most individuals. Some people think about their halloween costume months ahead of time! It is no surprise that many individuals extend the holiday spirit so far as to dress up their pet. Putting a costume on your pet is not for everyone, but believe it or not some pets might even enjoy this activity. For those that do, it is important to consider if a costume is pet-friendly and suitable for your dogs and cats. Safety is always the most important component to consider when it comes to our pets, and this even includes dressing up your pet.

  • Make note and keep an eye out for any chewable parts that could be dangerous if ingested
  • Do not leave your pet unattended while wearing a costume
  • Ensure your costumed pet can move, see & breathe freely and safely
  • Make sure the costume is not causing any stress for your pet when being worn

Keep The Halloween Candy Put Away

Similarly to dressing up for Halloween, halloween candy is something every trick-or-treater looks forward to with enthusiasm every year when the holiday rolls around. It should come as no surprise that ALL halloween candies are toxic to pets. Most pet owners understand that chocolate is harmful for their furry friends, but all candy is poisonous to dogs and their systems, not just candy containing chocolate. Since our pets are not used to sugars, sweeteners and other additives such a xylitol that are found in candy, remember to keep these poisonous treats away from your cat or dog. A helpful way to keep your pet safe from ingesting something harmful to them is to keep your pets away and not within reach from where the candy will be kept. If you cannot trust that your pet will stay out of it, it might be best to keep them in another room or in a safe place until the night is over.

If you suspect that your pet has eaten something harmful, you should contact the poison control center and call your veterinarian right away! Make sure to stay with your pet at all times if you think they ingested something as you will want to be ready to take action if needed.

Be Mindful of Halloween Decorations

Being a pet part is all about awareness and knowledge. It is our duty for our cats and dogs to protect them from potentially harmful situations. Halloween decorations are another part of the holiday to watch out for with your pet in mind. Always avoid anything your pet might be able to chew and ingest. Keep any and all candy wrappers in a secured trash receptacle as these would be dangerous for your pet. Always keep your curious pet in mind during halloween season so that you can keep them as safe as can be.

Keep Your Pet Calm & Safe on Halloween Night

In addition to our tips above, it is important to keep safety all around in the forefront of your mind around the highly anticipated Halloween holiday! Some pets can easily be spooked so it is wise to understand your pet and their tolerances in order to keep them safe. Make sure your pet is safely locked away if you are worried they will become startled easily. With many strangers and trick-or-treaters visiting all night long, it might be best to keep your pets away from the action. Between opening and closing the door, the doorbell going off and unfamiliar or loud noises, giving your cat or dog a safe space to relax in during those peak trick-or-treating hours is always a good idea. This will help keep stress at bay for everyone involved.

Bonus: Halloween Pet Safety Tips

We compiled a list of the four most important pet safety tips below to ensure you and your family have the best Halloween. Follow these guidelines so you do not end up with a lost pet on halloween this year, so that you do not suspect your pet has eaten anything, and so that you can do the best job at caring for and protecting your pet around Halloween season!

  • Make sure your pet has a microchip in case they are lost and brought into a veterinarian for checking
  • Keep pets away from all halloween treats, no exceptions
  • If your pet has ingested something, call animal poison control right away
  • Set up a safe space for your pet during trick-or-treating hours

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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