How to Avoid and Detoxify Your Dog from Toxins Every Day

Toxins are all around us and on a daily basis we and our pets come into contact with them. But experts say there are ways to minimize human and pet exposure to toxins, and even to detoxify.
Many of us are aware of the basics for our pets:  Purchasing only BRA and phthalate-free toys for our pooch; using only a stainless steel food and water dish and making our home toddler and pet-proof by keeping cleaning products and other chemicals out of their reach.
But how can we detoxify?
The folks at offer the following five tips:
1. Use Supplements to Support the Liver — Both humans and dogs breakdown toxins in the liver so liver-friendly supplements including taurine, dimethylglycine, glutathione, N-acetylcysteine and silymarin are recommended. Tumeric contains a liver-friendly antioxidant capable of cleansing the liver of toxins. But before adding any of these to your pooch’s diet be sure to consult with his or her veterinarian.
2. Good Intestinal Bacteria — Like humans, the intestinal health of a dog’s gut is largely responsible for its overall health. So it’s important to support the “good” bacteria that aside there. Foods with probiotics such as Lactobacillus maintain the palace of good bacteria in the gut. Again, don’t change your pup’s diet without talking to his or her vet first!
3. Fasting — Adult dogs can actually benefit from occasional fasting, provided you get the green light to do so from his or her veterinarian first. When a dog fasts his body relies on ketones for energy — a substance produced when fat is broken down. Conversely, puppies daily dietary intake needs are greater than healthy adult dogs so a puppy should never be put on a fast.
4. The Case for a Clean Coat — A dog’s skin and coat reveal just how healthy it is. And our pooches certainly like to groom themselves. All of that licking can result in the ingestion of harmful toxins. So it’s very important to bathe them in natural, safe shampoos and to groom them with quality brushes to keep their coat and skin clean and healthy.
5. The Importance of Kidney Health — Kidneys are the organs that eliminate toxins from the canine (and human) body. Purified water is good for your pooch’s kidneys, as are parsley and cilantro. A daily dose of parsley tea or adding parsley or cilantro (fresh or dried) to your pooch’s food are ways to boost his or her kidney function.
Your dog’s vet may have something to add (or detract from) these tips Be sure to consult with them before following any of these suggestions!
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