How To Make Cats and Dogs Get Along

You’ve probably seen them on Facebook: animals that make the most unlikely friends. Ducks and horses, turtles and pigs, rabbits and chickens, and on and on the list goes.
The more common duo for most of us is cat and dog. You inherit a canine family member when you and your boyfriend or girlfriend decide to move in together. Your cat, Felix, has ruled the roost for quite some time and may not be too eager to share it with a tail-wagging, drooling little creature adept at fits of wild abandon.
So what is the best way to navigate these new waters and achieve a harmonious Clifton Park home?
For starters, the experts at PetMD recommend keeping your dog restrained when the pets are first introduced. Dogs naturally want to chase anything that runs, which is okay as long as your cat can safely get away and find refuge, preferably in an elevated resting spot.
Baby gates are another way to protect the cat and allow the two hopefully soon-to-be friends to get used to each other’s scents while allowing Felix freedom to move around. Find more tips online at
Another thing to consider, if you’re in the position to choose the dog you plan to bring into your home, is to re-home an older pooch who has a track record of getting along with felines, according to the folks at in an online article here at :
Make a call to a Capital District (Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga or Troy) animal shelter or rescue to see which pet best fits the profile as a canine brother or sister for Felix.
Naturally, introducing a puppy to a kitten of similar age is probably the easiest scenario. But there are thousands of homeless dogs and cats in shelters who could fit the perfect profile and become harmonious roommates. Just take some time to do the research and gather as much information as possible about their past relationships with other animals.
Additionally, your pet’s veterinarian is a great resource for advice and recommendations regarding ways to create harmony in your canine-feline home. Take the plunge and grow your pet family after you do your homework!
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