Is Your Dog A Cartoon?

My dog is a goofball. She reminds me of a cross between Scooby-Doo, the reluctant detective, and a silly version of the heroic real-life Movie Icon Rin Tin Tin of the 1950s. “Holly” is a white German Shepherd, who on a number of occasions, has put herself in harm’s way to save me from a perceived threat. Then again, she’s rolled around on the floor with me, played dead and cowered behind me when something unknown has caught her unawares.

The intricacies of her personality got me to thinking about cartoon characters and who she most resembles. After all, there are so many from which to choose: The Aviator Beagle Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame, Disney’s Goofy and Pluto, Underdog, Brian Griffin from Family Guy and many more.

For a comprehensive list check out this link of “The Greatest Dogs in Cartoons and Comics” from <>:

And let’s not forget all of the real-life stars of the Big (and Small) Screen, including Lassie and the aforementioned Rin Tin Tin, coutesy of <>:

Once you’ve studied them all pick out the pooches who your dog most resembles and share your answers with us. We’d love to hear from you!!

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