To Sleep or Not to Sleep with Your Dog

(Clifton Park Pet Parents Ponder the Matter)
Seriously, is there anything in the world cuter than a puppy (or kitten)?
When you meet your new pooch for the first time you are overcome with emotion and an outpouring of love. You can’t imagine how you existed without the fluffy little tike. And you may simply assume it would be ideal to let your new four-legged best friend sleep in your bed with you.
Before you do, though, take this reality check from the pet experts at Then make a better informed decision on the matter.
  • Many veterinarians concur that allowing your pet to sleep with you is an easy way to transmit pests and diseases that could compromise your health. You’ll likely be sharing your bed with ticks and fleas no matter what preventative measures you have taken.
  • Shedding hair from your pooch or kitty will not be easy to keep off your bed — even if you change the bedding frequently.
  • Anything your pooch’s paws came in contact with earlier in the day will most likely join you in bed. This should give you pause (no pun intended) when you consider Fido’s or Fifi’s bathroom habits and inquisitive nature on the hunt outdoors.
  • Sharing your bed with your pup can dissolve your role as Alpha Dog!! It’s likely your pooch will begin to assume he/she is in charge of the bed, the room, your home, etc. You get the idea.
  • Your bed will very likely, at some point, wind up with urine, feces, dirt or vomit in it.
You can change bad habits at any point, and expert dog obedience training from Clifton Park Off Leash K9 Training is highly recommended. But the easiest path to success is simply to not begin this bad habit right from the beginning. Before you bring your new pooch home, invest in highly rated canine obedience training and a plush and comfy dog bed while you are shopping for toys, a collar, leash and food.
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