Some Cool Stuff Santa’s Packing for Good Pups on His List

This year Santa will be bringing some pretty unique gifts for canines not on the naughty list. For starters, a doggy treadmill, a hands-free leash, an elevated bed and collars that actually repel unpleasant doggy odors have made the list at <>. Visit this link to see images of the above and find more ideas:

Some other great Holiday 2016 gift ideas include dog-approved confections. NY’s Capital District is not without specialty bakeries that cater to our four-legged family members, including Sloppy Kisses of Saratoga. Here’s a link to this fun bakery and boutique for pups:

More fun gift ideas come from Woman’s <> found here at This list of  delights displayed in a gallery format includes gifts for even that hard-to-please kitty. Here you’ll find plush fortune cookies, luxurious doggy and kitty beds, puzzle feeders and games and those ever-popular monthly gift box subscriptions sure to make your four-legged friend profess their undying love.

Just be sure whatever you select from your pet’s wish list is pet-safe and veterinarian-approved, especially if you decide to whip up your own peanut butter puppy cookies or kitty treats.

For more ideas, ask your pet’s veterinarian what he or she plans to gift his/her own pets.

And if it’s time to gift Fido with obedience training (a gift that keeps giving to both of you for years to come), be sure to contact your local Capital District, Albany, Saratoga, NY Off Leash K9 Training professionals. We have the expertise to address many canine training challenges, including dog aggression, food aggression, potty-training, overall obedience and more!

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