Looking to spice up your new pad with a furry little friend? Well, hold on to your leash, dog lovers, because even if you’re living in a shoebox, you can still have a pup of your own! Of course, there are some important factors to take into account before you start browsing for your new best friend – like how much space you have, where you live, and how much time you have to devote to canine care. But fear not, intrepid pet seekers! There are plenty of dog breeds out there that make an excellent match for apartment living, even ones you might not have considered before. And let’s be real, “apartment dog” means different things to different people – whether you’re looking for a pup that can hit the pavement with you all day long or just a chill companion to snuggle up with, there’s an apartment-friendly pooch out there for you. So read on for some top picks that are sure to make your place feel like home (with a little extra tail-wagging love, of course). 

Basset Hound

Listen up, folks! If you want a four-legged family member who’s chill as a cucumber, look no further than the Basset Hound. These low-maintenance furballs may even be a little bit lazy (but hey, aren’t we all?). Their short hair means you won’t need to brush ’em for hours on end, but fair warning: there will be slobber. And don’t let their stubby legs fool you – Basset Hounds have good endurance and only need a brisk stroll or two a day. Just be careful if you’ve got stairs – these hefty hounds might need a little help getting up ’em!

Bichon Frise

Don’t be fooled by their poodle doppelgangers – Bichon Frise are the ultimate hypoallergenic hounds. Perfect for cramped quarters, these petite pups are for sure friendly with fellow furry friends and humans alike. However, since Bichon Frise are prone to being sensitive, you must be willing to go the extra mile with daily strolls, quality time, and fun playtime if you want to be their bestie.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is the ultimate compact bundle of energy and affection. This little cutie-pie is the perfect companion for anyone – from your adorable grandma to your wild little kiddos. Even though these dogs can get their workout indoors, they still love a good walk and some outdoor playtime. But be warned, they do tend to overheat. So, keep their environment nice and cool if you’re thinking of adding one of these pups to your squad.


While it may sound bonkers to recommend the Usain Bolt of dog breeds for apartment living, but fret not my friend! The Greyhound possesses a remarkable duality of character; they can go from lightning-fast sprints to lazy snoozes in a flash. So, you can take them with you on your morning jogs or chill with them on the couch in the evening, either way their calm demeanor will always be a benefit.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Any proud owner of a Cavalier will tell you exactly why these little pups are the perfect family companions. With a masterful intellect, training these pooches is a total breeze. And the best part? These loyal pooches will stick with you through thick and thin. Plus, they’re super adaptable and can make themselves right at home in even the coziest of living conditions.



It’s a common misconception that Basenjis are mute as a fish, but the reality is they emit a curious chortle-yodel hybrid instead of barks. About 25 pounds in weight, these pups are often likened to cats in their demeanor. However, don’t try to snooze on their energetic fervor- they’ll keep you on your toes! If you’re someone with an active lifestyle or lucky enough to live close to a park, a Basenji might just be the best four-legged companion for you.

French Bulldog

If you’re looking for a furry pal to keep you company in your tiny apartment, Frenchie’s are the way to go! These little guys won’t yap your ears off and won’t shed their fur all over your furniture. Plus, they’re indoor athletes so no need to take them to a fancy gym. But if you feel like they need some fresh air, just take them for a stroll and watch them nap on your lap right after. What? That’s like free workout and cuddle session in one!


Great Dane

When it comes to searching for a pup suitable for apartment living, you might never consider the mammoth-sized Great Danes (weighing in at a hefty 100-130lbs). But don’t be fooled by their colossal stature, these gentle giants are couch potatoes, and can fit comfortably without taking up all your living space. Their amicable demeanor and ease of trainability are just added bonuses, making them a top-notch pick for apartment dwellers.



Say bonjour to the diablotin moustachu, a.k.a the “mustached little devil” in French, a pint-sized pooch packed with personality! They’re ideal for those snug living quarters and you’ll never be left feeling uninspired with this energetic ball of fur around. Their silly expressions will keep your household in stitches, not to mention their knack for getting along swimmingly with cats – your feline will have a new partner-in-crime in no time!



If you’re dreaming of owning a huge hound, then a Mastiff will make your heart sing. These easy-going giants have a temperament so chill, they’re practically made of ice. And hey, they’re also the epitome of loyalty and vigilance. But remember, to keep them from going stir-crazy, make sure they’re exposed to a variety of environments and friendly faces. As for their living conditions, even if you’re cramped up in a small apartment, these muscular yet mild-mannered pooches won’t bat an eyelash. Just don’t forget to take them for two daily walks, okay?


Off Leash K9 Training Northeast

Ultimately, no matter what type of pooch you fancy for your flat, it’s vital to take some steps to ensure they are living their best life. A dog’s size and energy levels can lead to heaps of issues for owners who don’t properly train or care for their furry friend. At Off Leash K9 Training, we have what it takes to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to guarantee your pup is receiving the right amount of attention, while also avoiding any grievances with the neighbors concerning continuous barking or other noise disturbances. Leash-walking your dog is essential for most urban dwellers, though it’s not always easy to master. Does your pooch bark nonstop when you leave them alone? This could be caused by separation anxiety or boredom. We’ve got all your apartment living dilemmas covered in our top-notch training programs. Our pro-trainers can set you and your pup up for major success. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our trainers and let’s see which program will be the perfect match for your furry friend. Don’t delay, let’s make apartment living a bark-tacular experience!

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