Top Ways to Love Your Pet Every Day

If you’re like me you talk to your dog incessantly and wish he or she could understand your every word and now how much you love them. But do you ever wish you knew the best way to put your words into action?
Here some top ways to show your pooch how much he or she means to you from
1. Let your pup accompany you daily on errands to dog-friendly outings. Be sure to take her or him on daily walks, and not just around the block. There are lots of great places in New York’s Capital District for quality walks and outings.;;
2. Keep things interesting for your pup. Like you, he gets bored without physical and mental stimulation. Regular training sessions (Albany Off Leash K9 Training routinely offers lessons throughout Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties) keep things interesting and fun for your dog!
3. Sleep Next to Your Pooch. Whether you allow your dog to sleep beside you, at the foot of your bed or near you in their own bed, studies have shown that sleeping with your dog improves the quality of your own sleep! And it strengthens the bond you share.
4. Establish Eye Contact. Sharing deep and soft eye contact with your dog engenders a sense of mutual understanding and trust. In canine-speak, your dog says “I love you” when he stares at you with affection. Be sure to look to return his deep eye contact, which will increase the bond you share. According to article titled Amazing Ways To Show Your Dog Love, research has confirmed oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) “soars in dogs and humans after they share a steady (warm) gaze.”
After all, dogs communicate through body language; when they lift their eyebrows or lean on you they are telling you they love you. And wagging tails are an ob virus cue that they are happy and excited to be around you.
5. Talk, talk and talk some more! Talking to your pooch is another way to show them affection. Research using MRIs has revealed that dogs have the ability to understand what we say, our gestures and facial expressions. It is believed that reading aloud to your pooch eases hyperactivity and anxiety and may even diminish a dog’s feelings of shyness.
6. Groom and Massage Your Pooch. Routinely grooming and giving massages to your pup not only conveys your love but likewise offers overall health benefits. Health experts claim massages soothe anxiety and nervousness, alleviate the effects of aging and enhance the range of motion on the joints and improve muscle tone. 
Put these recommendations into practice and your pooch will feel cherished, enjoy better health and return your love tenfold!!
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