Ways to Make Your Dog Less Lonely

If your pooch is the only four-legged child in your home you may want to consider ways to stave off her or his boredom and loneliness.
Of course, the first solution that comes to mind is bringing home a playmate. Dogs are pack animals so they instinctually function best in the company of other dogs. However, this isn’t always a viable solution for all families.
The folks at insidepetsworld.com have some tips for easing a pooch’s loneliness:
1. Socialize Your Dog — Dogs that feel depressed and lonely when their human pet parents are not home need to be socialized. Otherwise, they can develop separation anxiety due to a strong emotional attachment to their owners. Trips to a dog park, play dates or doggy daycare are the perfect solutions!! A few Clifton Park area dog parks include Mary Jane Row Dog Park at 5 Ray Road, Kinns Road Park at 624 Kinns Road and Clifton Common at 7 Clifton Common Boulevard.
2. Turn on the TV — Dogs enjoy sights and sounds so leaving the television on is the perfect way to keep her or him entertained while you’re away. It’s important, though, to keep the volume at a reasonable level. Your pup’s ears are quite sensitive so the volume shouldn’t be turned too high.
3. Keep Your Pooch Engaged — Dogs need physical and mental stimulation. They are highly energetic and need positive ways to release their energy. Keep your pooch’s favorite toys nearby as well as their bed and blanket. You can fill one of your dog’s toys with peanut butter to keep her/him engaged.
4. Leave the Curtains Open — New sights, new scents and new experiences are all things your dog enjoys. By leaving your curtains open when you’re not home he/she can see other animals and distract themselves from their feelings of loneliness.
And if you do decide to find another buddy for your pooch be sure to consider the financial responsibilities of adding another pet to your home. Also, take time to conduct a trial run at introductions before finalizing your prospective pet’s adoption. After all, you want to make sure your new dog is the right fit for your home and compatible with your existing pooch.
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