Ways to Tell Your Pooch You Love Her/Him in Dog Speak

Ever wonder what it would take to better communicate your love to your four-legged best friend? Chances are you’re already doing at least one of the five ideas I’m about to list here, courtesy of the experts at insidepetsworld.com. But there’s likely room for improvement.
1. Talk to your dog aloud as much as possible — In fact, there are studies that have revealed dogs are able to understand (human) language, gestures and body language. Reading stories to your pooch are potentially a way to ease anxiety and hyperactivity.
2. Let your dog sleep near you — Some human pet parents don’t mind sharing their bed with their pooch. But for reasons of hygiene, it’s probably a better idea to buy a plush and irresistible bed for your dog and then place it next to yours. Studies reportedly have indicated that sleeping with your dog improves the quality of your own sleep. And it also is a great way to strengthen your bonds with Fido.
3. Massage and grooming are sure ways to win your Pooch’s heart — Gentle massage and groom sessions allow your dog to generate oxytocin, the love hormone. So treating your dog to both on a routine basis means more love for both of you. The benefits of massage, just as they are for humans, are good for your dog’s overall health and well-being. It soothes anxiety and decreases nervousness, alleviates the effects of aging and can improve the range of motion in joints.
4. Change up your daily walks with your pooch and include her or him on errand runs and outings — Physical and mental stimulation are very important to your dog. When you take your dog on daily walks try to keep it interesting and try new places. There are lots of great places to walk a dog in and around Clifton Park. Routine walks that incorporate training and games are a great way to develop trust and understanding.
5. Eye contact speaks volumes — Gentle, deep eye contact engenders a sense of understanding and trust between you and your pooch. An affectionate stare from your dog is her/his way of saying “I love you” in canine speak. Be sure to look your pup right in the eye as a way to reciprocate. Further canine body language can be interpreted this way: when your dog lifts their eyebrows they are saying they love you; when they lean against you it means they love you and feel comfortable around you; their wagging tail is another way they convey their love (and excitement).
Your dog loves you unconditionally and here are a few ways to reciprocate that sentiment!
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