Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Grass eating in dogs is a common inquiry among dog owners world-wide. The reality is that there are several reasons your dog might be ingesting grass every now and again or even on a regular basis. We have come up with some of the key reasons our furry friends tend to turn to grass-eating and set off an alarming indicator for us. Whether your dog is bored, has an upset stomach or is even experimenting with the taste, we break down the grass eating low down next!

Dogs Eat Grass Because They Are Bored

Similarly to how humans eat when they are bored, some dogs consume grass out of boredom. It can be funny to think about your dog being bored and having such human emotions, but they do and it happens. Dogs are omnivores so their diet is meant to allow them to eat both meat and plants. If you think of it that way, ingesting grass does not seem as foreign as we may have been lead to believe. Dogs that eat grass are not always going to equate to a specific reason!

Your Dog Likes the Taste of Grass

I am sure you did not expect to hear this as one of the reasons dogs eat grass. Sure enough, just like us, they can simply like the taste and want more. Often times I have observed dogs who are out sniffing and exploring begin to eat grass. If your pup has taken to eating grass, they may have explored it and understood that they liked the taste. Also similarly to us, everything is good in moderation. Your dog should not ingest too much grass even if they do become fond of the taste. Excessive or obsessive grass-eating should be noted and prevented before it gets out of hand. If this becomes the case, you will certainly want to keep your dogs access to grass at a minimum and supervised until you can get things under control. A final tip is to ensure you do your best to keep your pet from ingested any grass that has been subject to pesticides! Keep an eye out for any signs that lawns have been treated in order to know what to avoid.

Your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Fiber

In some cases, your pets body could be trying to signal to them that they are missing something form their diet. Often times, it can be suggested that your pup is missing fiber in their diet which can cause dogs to eat grass. It is always a good idea to become knowledgeable about the food you are providing your pet and what it is made up of. A simple education and deep dive into your dogs pet food can clear up some questions and possibly even solve a grass-eating mystery for you. Some quick ways to add fiber to your pets diet is to add more fiber rich ingredients into their daily meals. Spinach, kale, green beans and broccoli are all great vegetables to try. Keep in mind that fresh or frozen veggies are best for their consumption. Like anything, feed in small amounts first to test how your pet handles them. Reach out to your veterinary practice for any questions or concerns before or after beginning the process.

Dogs Eat Grass for an Upset Stomach

One of the reasons why dogs eat grass is also from an upset stomach. Some dogs may eat grass to induce vomiting if they are not feeling well. This is mostly normal dog behavior and you should not be too concerned unless it was to continue or be accompanied by other concerning or out of the ordinary issues. It would be wise to cut them off if your dog is eating grass excessively and keep an eye on their food and water intake as well as their bowel movements to conclude it could be the result of an upset stomach. If your dog is an anxious dog or had an illness prior to eating grass, it would become known through the avenues above and could help point out the reason your dog might be eating grass. Again, if it is in small consumptions, let your dog eat grass and leave them be!

Should I Let My Dog Eat Grass?

You do not always need to stop your dog from eating grass. Many dogs will have no issue with this and it is considered normal behavior for dogs. Unless the consumption gets out of control or is causing vomiting after eating grass, you should not be too concerned with stopping your dog from eating it. As we mentioned, if your dog is making themselves sick, it is best to stop your dog from ingesting anymore grass and bring your dog to the vet. Otherwise, normal amounts of grass eating is perfectly normal behavior of domestic dogs.

How to Make My Dog Stop Eating Grass?

Some ways to keep your pup from grass eating would be controlling their interaction with it. You might want to consider leash walking and supervised outdoor time when you are spending time outside with your pup to keep them from munching on grass. Eating too much grass is something to keep an eye out for! An addition of fiber into your pups diet or a visit to the vet could be in order to really curb your dogs desire to scoop up a mouthful of grass on a regular and unhealthy basis.

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